Filmmaker / photographer

Aidan Rice

hertfordshire based ● freelance ● marketing

Hey there!

I'm Aidan. I make movies. Check them out!


The most important thing about filmmaking for me is real people. Telling real stories, creating meaningful interactions and capturing life and community. I want to make things that help, that share the littlest moments to a wide audience in a way that's absolutely captivating. I want to make things that mean something.Having spent the last four years in college and university behind a camera perfecting those skillsets, I'm beyond eager to put them to use and create things that matter.


Coca-Cola Europacific Partners -
Internal use only cyber-security promotional video

BBC Music Introducing -
Music video and studio recording for artist Cam Thomas

Liberty Tea Rooms -
Promotional material for social media and wide advertising

Kick Pistol -
Music videos and studio recordings for the band

Lou's Vapes -
Social media promotion and YouTube content

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